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Women in risk and control

Women in Risk and Control (WiRC) is a collaborative industry initiative formed to positively impact gender diversity in non-financial risk management (NFRM) at senior leadership levels, thereby enhancing the NFRM community.

We will achieve this by

Nurturing a cross-firm network of talent to reach their full potential
Facilitating meaningful mentoring opportunities
Providing a platform to enable progression and empower individuals
Women in Risk and Control

Our leadership values

Champion diversity
Propose and run WiRC events
Promote WiRC in their own firms
Lead and own the initiative alongside Acin
Bring in their peers and juniors to the initiative
Ambassadors to the NFRM industry
Feb 23 - Mentor Session - Stephen Sanders

WiRC Mentoring Sessions: The difference difference – adding value through supporting neurodiversity

Collab with Risky Women

WiRC Annual Event 2022: Rupal Patel x Risky Women

Mentor Session - Human Risk

WiRC Annual Event 2022: Human Risk – Making the invisible, visible with Rachel King (Masterclass, Mentor session & Blog)


WiRC Annual Event 2022: Dynamic risk management for the future (Webinar & Blog)

Navigating the role of a CRO - Speaker Spotlight

WiRC Annual Event 2022: Navigating the role of a CRO (Webinar & Blog)

What NEDs are looking for... - Speaker Spotlight

Annual Event 2022: What NEDs are looking for from their risk and control partners (Webinar & Blog)

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