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The Difference Difference: Adding value through supporting neurodiversity

Location: Webinar
Date: Thursday 23rd February 2023

A personal exploration and discussion on:

Is being neurodiverse a Disability or a Superpower?
Understanding neurodiversity as a positive theme in business
How useful difference can be

Feb 23 - Mentor Session - Stephen Sanders

WiRC Mentoring Sessions: The difference difference – adding value through supporting neurodiversity

Collab with Risky Women

WiRC Annual Event 2022: Rupal Patel x Risky Women

Mentor Session - Human Risk

WiRC Annual Event 2022: Human Risk – Making the invisible, visible with Rachel King (Masterclass, Mentor session & Blog)


WiRC Annual Event 2022: Dynamic risk management for the future (Webinar & Blog)

Navigating the role of a CRO - Speaker Spotlight

WiRC Annual Event 2022: Navigating the role of a CRO (Webinar & Blog)

What NEDs are looking for... - Speaker Spotlight

Annual Event 2022: What NEDs are looking for from their risk and control partners (Webinar & Blog)

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