Accelerate your risk and control data improvement objectives

We cleanse and optimize data to the increasingly de facto Data Technical Standard (DTS) for OpRisk controls:

  • Accelerate your risk and control transformation projects
  • Meet regulatory requirements for Chief Risk Officers
  • Cleaner data takes the noise out of risk assessments
  • Improve confidence in residual risk ratings

Read our use case on how a global retail bank used Acin’s Data Quality Assessment to reduce control volume by more than 30%.


Your free operational risk data report

Our AI provides a report that exposes many key data challenges facing anyone that manages operational risk including identification of:

• Non-Controls
• Unclear Risks and Controls
• Risk and Control Duplication
• Prevent / Detect Inconsistencies
• Business line Inconsistencies
• Description field word count analysis


How it works

Securely submit data:

  • Agree Scope
  • Key Fields for Risks & Controls
  • Data Submission (any format)

AI engine processes data:

  • Rules-based Analysis & Identification:
  • Natural Language Processing

Comprehensive report:

  • Results & Analysis
  • Face – to – Face Discussion

Case Study: Bank transformation program accelerated by Acin Data Readiness work

A global retail banking client has operations and a branch network across 15 European and APAC regions, and a complex risk control landscape.

The problem? The bank has several global risk frameworks, and an ever-increasing volume of regional policies and standards that have become costly to manage, inefficient and ineffective.

The solution? Acin’s Data Standardization offer enabled the bank to significantly accelerate its transformation program.

The results? By quickly building a cross-regional risk controls consensus inventory that was endorsed and delivered by both the first and second lines the bank achieved:

  • Over 30% reduction in control volume • more than 60% removal of controls objectives
  • Significantly lower complexity • increased completeness • measurable improvements in effectiveness and efficiency
  • Solving the bank’s complex data challenges was the first phase of its strategy to continuously improve operational risk management.

Acin was selected for its pioneering approach, and for being the only data network and platform capable of achieving this critical business objective.

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