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Risk Control Diagnostics digitize and assure your operational risk controls in a connected data network across your firm and industry.

  • Connect your risk controls to the Acin data Network.
  • Calibrate your entire front to back risk controls to the Acin – Network Index and see how you compare to your peers.
  • Quantify the design of your risk controls. Score, compare and track your control design with the Acin Score.
  • Identify opportunities to improve your risk control completeness using our diagnostics.
  • Report on missing, proliferated, or imprecise controls by business, risk, or filter by regulation.
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See how your risks and controls compare with your peers

Acin has collaborated with leading financial institutions to build the defining operational risk controls data network. Built for financial institutions and backed by Fitch. By applying standard data protocols, we have created a common language to deliver unique risk intelligence.

Our Risk Control Diagnostics platform digitizes and assures operational risk controls in a connected data Network across a firm and the industry. Assuring risk controls are complete, efficient, calibrated to the market, and can be evidenced to the regulator.

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Connect to the risk controls data network

Digitize your risk controls, using our standard data protocols and remove duplication and proliferation. Your firm can add industry risk control intelligence from the Acin Network and gain complete oversight of your business front to back. 

Use actionable risk intelligence from the Network to deliver business value and strategy, and start your journey to connected risk intelligence, where everyone talks the same language.

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Optimize and map your risk controls

Understand where you sit compared to your peers learning from their operational risk controls. You’ll benefit from where other firms have improved and join pioneers and experts across your industry.

Be notified of changes to peer data and take actionable steps to measure, manage or mitigate that risk. Empower interactions with key stakeholders, including regulators, changing the impact of operational risk controls together for the better. Connect, learn and improve.

icon Diagnostics

Understand where you stand

Our dynamic diagnostics give you the insight you need to know where you stand on operational risk controls. When and where to act and when and where you can simplify and reduce controls. The diagnostics continuously update, allowing you to monitor your performance and see the effect of your actions and your peers’.

Enabling firms to calibrate their risk controls​

Demonstrate completeness
Calibrate to the consensus and know where you stand versus the consensus and your peers.
Respond to stakeholder challenge
Use objective fact-based analysis in stakeholder conversations to partner effectively.
Maintain effectiveness and efficiency
Remove siloed data and proliferation with one consistent language driven by data.
Identify emerging risk
Act on industry intelligence, horizon scanning, and alerts. Move from detect and correct to predict and prevent.
Track your operational resilience
Demonstrate changes to your risk controls vs peers over time and move towards dynamic RCSAs.
Enhance regulatory readiness
See how your risk controls map to key regulations and where you stand versus peers.

Get started. Transform your approach to operational risk control.