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Let’s work together, to achieve climate risk control completeness

Acin created the world’s first climate risk control inventory and is building a data-driven peer network for the financial sector

Soon you will be required to evidence that your climate risk controls are complete, effective, and calibrated to the market.

Most firms have good intentions. Many are beginning to address climate risk challenges, to a greater or lesser extent. But most have a long way to go to embed climate risk within their frameworks and processes, and map climate risk regulation to controls.

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Understanding the risks and how to mitigate them

Your ability to tackle climate risk enterprise-wide has far-reaching implications for both your firm and your accountable senior managers.

Why is the availability of good, understandable and objective data critical to tackling climate risk, and how can Acin’s peer network help? Hear the views of senior managers Tracy Clarke (Standard Chartered, Starling Bank, TP ICAP) and Sally Clark (Barclays, Citi, Metro Bank).

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Damian Hoskins, Head of Climate Risk

For the first time is reporting climate risk as a top 10 operational risk. Damian Hoskins, Head of Climate provides insights into what is driving this and why it is important.


Climate change risk: it’s time to get ready

2021 was the year regulators became the driving force behind climate change response.

Their recommendations are clear – be able to demonstrate that your risk and control environment is complete, or face the consequences.

How can you do this, and why must you do it now?
Read our Climate Risk Intelligence Report to learn how to:

  • Identify increasing risk factors
  • Fix risk and control gaps
  • Mitigate climate change risks

The Acin climate risk solution: delivering complete and assured climate risk controls

Acin has created the world’s first climate risk control inventory for financial institutions, which sits seamlessly on our award-winning Acin Platform.

Acin customers become Acin Network members, able to access our comprehensive, quick-start climate risk control inventory and benchmark their own climate risk data against peers.
Read the Acin Factsheet to learn how Acin can support you.

  • What questions should you ask?
  • Which six capabilities are critical for an effective climate risk management solution?

What can you do now to progress your journey towards assured climate risk control?

A single source of truth
For all climate risk data, informed by your peers and other global sources
A unified digital platform
For organizing, managing and calibrating climate risk data
Intelligent analytics
Generating continuous, dynamic insights for climate risk management
Insightful dashboards
For risk managers, senior managers, executive committee members and the boar
Data-driven insights
To evidence the maturity of your climate risk framework
Innovative peer analysis
Learn how you compare with your peers via the network consensus controls

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