Operational Risk management reimagined

Whatever your challenge, we accelerate your path to maturity. See value in days and weeks, not months and years.

We help clients at different stages of their Operational Risk management journey.

Industry Challenge

Holding multiple and fragmented inventories, across regions and businesses, in inconsistent structures.

Acin Solution

Acin’s platform consolidates risk controls from multiple sources mapping into a structured, digitised format with reporting tooling.

Client Value

A single-view platform that empowers clients to run live analytics and insights, simplifying reporting to internal stakeholders and regulators.

Industry Challenge

Risk control quality suffering from lack of clarity, inconsistencies and proliferation. Manual remediation requires significant time and resources.

Acin Solution

Acin’s proprietary AI tooling – assessing quality, rewriting, creating and optimising – uplifts and standardises risk control at speed and at scale.

Client Value

Enhance quality and standardisation to drive greater compliance, reduced risk and improved stakeholder engagement both internally and with regulators.

Industry Challenge

Banks strive for operational excellence but without peer comparison, a limited line-of-sight can hinder your potential.

Acin Solution

Benchmarking to the Acin Index allows clients to mark-to-market, identifying where they are aligned to the industry, do things differently or have gaps.

Client Value

Aligning more closely to standard industry practices, and drive greater assurance through control completeness.

Industry Challenge

Mapping risk controls to regulatory obligations is a complex, manual, arduous and costly process, but is increasingly being demanded by regulators.

Acin Solution

Accelerating the Regulatory Mapping journey by mapping regulations to controls in a common standard with benchmarking context.

Client Value

Regulatory traceability, coupled with industry benchmarking to identify gaps in control coverage.

Industry Challenge

Lacking the agility and pace to proactively adapt to an ever-changing regulatory and business environment.

Acin Solution

Helping clients to dynamically adapt to emerging changes in regulations, risks and events to ensure they remain ‘in control’.

Client Value

Reducing risk and the assurance of meeting regulatory obligations through being at the forefront of change.

The Industry Utility Solution:

Our solutions synergise collective network intelligence with specialist industry expertise and AI technologies.

Network Intelligence

With the submission based give-to-get model, Acin benchmarks clients to the Acin Index built from the industry data asset. This enables our clients to do a mark-to-market, and learn from industry best practice on a dynamic basis.

Artificial Intelligence

Acin’s proprietary AI gives our clients access to cutting edge data to drive optimisation and quality, at speed and at scale.

Human Intelligence

Acin’s specialists bring thought-leadership in Operational Risk, through subject matter expertise and industry collaboration.

What is Operational Risk

Basel defines 3 risk categories. 

Credit Risk and Market Risk are already addressed through market interconnectivity. However, Operational Risk has had no data-driven, cross industry collaboration. Organisations operate within individual silos and often have thousands of people operating very manual processes.

Acin provides expert solutions to safeguard your business, enhance operational resilience and ensure regulatory compliance.

Our Coverage

We cover all areas of financial services

Corporate & Investment Banking

Commercial Banking

Retail Banking



Wealth Management

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Acin’s Network connects heterogeneous operational risk controls data from leading financial institutions. By applying standard data protocols, we create a common language to deliver unique risk intelligence empowering you to manage your operational Risk.

Our platform allows institutions to digitise, diagnose and assure operational risk controls in a connected network across a firm and the industry.