Women in Risk and Control

Supporting diversity in non-financial risk management

Acin is a proud supporter of Women in Risk and Control (WiRC), a collaborative industry initiative formed to positively impact gender diversity in non-financial risk management (NFRM) at senior leadership levels, thereby enhancing the NFRM community.

What women in this industry need, is an established community, a place where they can advise, mentor and empower one another on an ongoing basis.

The vision of WiRC will be achieved by:

Nurturing a cross-firm network of talent to reach their full potential

Facilitating meaningful mentoring opportunities

Providing a visible platform to enable progression and empower individuals

Our leadership values

We have been building a powerful leadership team of Non-Execs, MDs, Directors and VPs across the top-tier banks – with the influence and experience to positively impact gender diversity. We have assembled an incredible group of women and male allies from across the industry to support and help drive change. 

Champion diversity

Propose and run WiRC events

Promote WiRC in their own firms

Lead and own
the initiative alongside Acin

Bring in their peers and juniors to the initiative

Serve as Ambassadors to the NFRM industry

Join WiRC

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