The Acin Network and Platform

Backed by global banks and a rating agency, Acin provides deep insight and enables objective decision-making, based on pure data contributed by major financial institutions. Clients benefit through loss avoidance, residual risk reduction and evidence based reporting to regulators.

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Would your firm value regular independent control assurance based on networked peer data?

When should your firm engage Acin

AI data cleaning, standardisation & simplification
Acin AI Engine evaluates bank-wide OpRisk Control data in days. Maturity reporting scopes remediation and optimization activity, prioritised by at-risk, ineffective & unclear controls, duplicates, proliferation, deviation, non-controls etc. Golden controls from the network index offer ‘best practice’ replacements.
Network completeness for loss/penalty avoidance
Assess all the controls operated by other banks that you don’t have. Implement those that the majority of your peers do have, or just those your business needs.
Dynamic intelligence & alerting enable trigger based RCSA
Daily clause level alerting against chosen regulators, ‘hot topic’ theme based scenarios, and ‘emerging control’ notifications reveal required control changes and gaps, specific to your firm.

Acin has received $24 million in Series B funding from industry-leading banks – J.P. Morgan, Citi, BNP Paribas, Barclays & Lloyds

Operational risk solutions

Wherever you are on your risk management journey, Acin has a solution for you.

Data Quality Assessment

Use our OpRisk AI to quickly assess the quality of data firm-wide, Identify 12 categories including at-risk, deviations and duplicate controls, proliferation, non-controls etc. Select a remediation partner to help implement change.

Data Platform

Get an enterprise view of your risk and control data on the Acin platform, to gain robust reporting, editing tools, and automated workflows.

Data Network Access

Acin NLP Engine synchronises regular cuts of risk control data into a network of peer firms, by asset class, process, jurisdiction, business division or theme. The platform then presents a steadily changing picture of how your firm deviates from the peer consensus, changing regulations, external events, and perceived threats.

Operational risk control network

Transform your approach to OpRisk control.

Join a large group of banks (including global systemics) to ensure you benefit from best practice, your controls are always complete, and that you’re operating more efficiently.


Acin takes your data, confirms accuracy, and anonymously merges it into a network comprising many similar firms.

Ensure your risk controls are complete, efficient, calibrated to the market, and can be evidenced to the regulator.

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Data Quality

Do all your controls mitigate risks, are all your risks really risks, and where is the noise? Acin’s data technical standard (DTS 2.0) exposes these issues allowing you to clarify, connect and quantify.

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Analytics are dynamic because the network is in constant flux. New firms join, data refresh reveals changes, plus a constant flow of regulatory updates fuel a rolling set of insights where you need them. New gaps, reg interpretation and best practice operational thinking keeps your firm current.

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Risk Intelligence

Acin streams alerts and scenarios into your subscription that map directly to your firm’s risk controls, creating actionable intelligence. Our SME’s help you interpret data that feeds into complex requirements, answer exam questions, prepare reports to regulators and facilitate round-tables on your hot topics.

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We look forward to our continued partnership with Acin, following our strategic investment in Acin’s Series B round. We are thrilled to be supporting them on the next step of their journey to standardise non-financial risks and controls across the financial services industry.

img Darren Jarvis
ICG Chief Administrative Officer, Citi
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