Simplifying operational risk

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What we do

Acin is transforming Operational Risk to make the financial services industry safer.

We simplify complexity through our independent, data-driven and digitised approach. Partnering with clients, we accelerate their path to maturity.

Acin aggregates and normalises risk control data, analyses the quality, benchmarks against industry peers and drives regulatory traceability. Our actionable insights and proprietary tooling strengthen your quality and drive operational excellence.

We help you drive efficiency, excellence and the ability to demonstrate that you are ‘in control’.

Wherever you are on your risk management journey, Acin has a solution for you

Our technology

Financial organisations organise and store operational risk data across multiple systems and accessed by different teams.

Acin’s superior technology platform automatically ingests data from these sources to form a unified view of the your operational risk environment.

Using proprietary AI, we securely review your data and how you relate to the wider industry. This generates a unique picture of your organisation, the broader industry, and how they relate to each other.

Trillions of potential connections.

By simplifying this view of your data, Acin allows you to identify actionable insights that reduce risk, optimise costs and provide assurance.

A successful track record

efficiencies achieved through Acin’s proprietary Rewrite Tool
0 %
save £5m p.a. based on removing 1,000 duplicate controls at £5k per control p.a.
£ 0 m
risk reduction based on identifying a single missing control
>$ 1 bn
risk and control data connections
> 1 tn

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