The Acin Network and Platform

Backed by banks and rating agencies, Acin helps firms like yours objectively manage your risk control landscape, based on a network of your peers, serving as the foundation for more objective decision making.

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Would your firm value regular independent control assurance based on networked peer data?

How the Acin Network & Platform helps

Data digitization and optimization
Our data protocols connect your risk control data across your firm and industry. Optimize your approach with a single connected view.
Simplification and completeness
Remove proliferated and ineffective risk controls. Identify missing risk controls used by other financial institutions.
Intelligence and quantification
Be proactive with Network intelligence on new risk controls, regulatory changes, and scenario analysis. Quantify your alignment to the data Network.

Download the independent research report from – Risk Control 2022: What’s now and what’s next?

Three operational risk solutions

Wherever you are on your risk management journey, Acin has a solution for you.

Data Optimization

Acin has the expertise to cleanse and optimize your operational risk data to the industry’s de facto Data Technical Standard.

Data Platform

Get an enterprise view of your risk and control data on the Acin platform, to gain robust reporting, editing tools, and automated workflows.

Data Network Access

Get full dynamic peer-to-peer access to the Acin Network, enabling you to proactively monitor changing regulations, external events, and perceived threats.

The operational risk control data network

Transform your approach to operational risk control.

Harness the power of Risk Control pioneers across the Industry to better manage Operational Risk. Assure your Risk Controls are complete, efficient, and calibrated to the Dynamic Network Index.


Our Risk Control Diagnostics platform digitizes and assures operational risk controls in a connected data Network across a firm and the industry.

Assuring risk controls are complete, efficient, calibrated to the market, and can be evidenced to the regulator.

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Understand where you sit compared to your peers learning from their operational risk controls.

You’ll benefit from where other firms have improved and join pioneers and experts across your industry. Connect, learn and improve.

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Our dynamic diagnostics give you the insight you need to know where you stand on operational risk controls. When and where to act and when and where you can simplify and reduce controls.

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Risk Intelligence

Use actionable risk intelligence from the Network to deliver business value, and start your journey to connected risk intelligence, where everyone talks the same language.

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Our established operational risk management frameworks enable the firm to monitor key areas of risk. The Acin platform and network will enable additional efficiency and a further source of practical validation.

img Jamie Hamilton
Global Head of Markets Business Control Management, J.P. Morgan
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