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Are the structure and quality of your operational risk data undermining your RCSA and operational risk management? Do your stakeholders call into question the completeness and appropriateness of your risk and control environment?

With regulatory focus on the pandemic and Brexit starting to ease, attention is returning to the asset management sector. New prudential regimes in the UK and EU will test your ability to identify all risks and potential harms – to your firm, to markets, and to customers as well. Other regulations are emerging, covering operational resilience and Climate Change Risk (CCR), all with fast-approaching implementation deadlines.

Breaches and misconduct will be penalized, resulting in financial losses and reputational harm. In our interconnected world, bad news travels fast; the stakes have never been higher.

Paving the way for progress

Asset managers are beginning to digitize and quantify operational risk management to eliminate subjectivity from decision-making. Many are looking to operate collectively – encouraged by regulators – to gain peer-driven benchmarks and actionable insights from operational risk data. These network-oriented measures will connect your firm to the wider world, identify and eliminate gaps in your risk and control environment, upgrade your data quality, and drive much-needed efficiency gains in your operational risk management.

Read this solution brief to learn how you can:

  • Digitize operational risk management
  • Eliminate spreadsheets, duplicates, and inconsistency
  • Quantify and calibrate operational risk data
  • Aggregate and centralize your operational risk data
  • Improve the effectiveness of your control environment
  • Operate as an industry collective and benchmark against peers

Acin is a proud member of the 2021 Investment Association (IA) Engine Innovator program, which connects innovative FinTechs with forward-looking investment management firms.

Join the Asset Management Founder Initiative

Acin is pioneering the global standard for operational risk management by building the world’s first collective network of asset management peers. For more information, or to join the Acin Asset Management Founder Initiative, please contact us.

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