Our product is all about collaboration and innovation. So are our people. We’re a small team, but we’ve got a big vision: to build a brand-new infrastructure for operational risk management. It’s not easy. We’re redefining the way some of the world’s biggest financial services companies and banks work with data. There are a lot of challenges – but a lot of opportunities to think and act creatively, too.

Backed by banks (JP Morgan, Citi, Barclays, Lloyds, BNP) and ratings agencies, Acin helps banks objectively manage their risk control landscape. Based on a network of peers, Acin’s data protocols connect a bank’s risk control data across their firm and industry leading to greater cost savings, and creating huge efficiency savings across the bank both in front and back-office operations.

The role:

The Risk Control Specialist – Corporate & Investment Banking role within the Data Operations team is fundamental to our customers extracting maximum value from Acin. The role provides customers with clarity and insight on Acin’s Networked data, with a focus on one or more areas of a sales & trading business (e.g., credit, rates, FX, equities, commodities, prime services).

The Data Operations team is responsible for delivering the data that drives the Acin Platform. The team connects customer risk and control data to the Acin Network, which customers interact with via the Platform and during meetings with the team’s subject matter experts. The team defines and maintains Acin’s consensus-based risk and control inventories, defines and applies Acin’s data connectivity protocols, maintains the business rules used to build Network consensus and ensures all Acin data is of the highest quality.


  • Be a Data Operations subject matter expert for customers’ risk and control data queries for your business area(s)
  • Connect customer data to the Acin network via Acin’s data matching protocols and tooling
  • Lead customer meetings and present their data connection results, dealing with challenges from customers as they arise
  • Ensure consistent application of Acin’s technical standards to core risk and control content and beyond
  • Contribute to the ongoing development of Acin’s business rules which form the basis for the Network
  • Monitor, review and enhance Acin’s corporate function risk and control inventories to maintain Network consensus
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