Our product is all about collaboration and innovation. So are our people. We’re a small team, but we’ve got a big vision: to build a brand-new infrastructure for operational risk management. It’s not easy. We’re redefining the way some of the world’s biggest financial services companies and banks work with data. There are a lot of challenges – but a lot of opportunities to think and act creatively, too.

Backed by banks (JP Morgan, Citi, Barclays, Lloyds, BNP) and ratings agencies, Acin helps banks objectively manage their risk control landscape. Based on a network of peers, Acin’s data protocols connect a bank’s risk control data across their firm and industry leading to greater cost savings, and creating huge efficiency savings across the bank both in front and back-office operations.

The role

  • Research (50%) to develop or improve the Acin’s current offering. This might include for example
    • Developing Operation Risk scenarios to assess bank’s readiness to handle such scenarios
    • Strategically review the quality of the dataset to propose improvement, and eventually carry on some of these improvements
    • Developing new and impactful analysis to make the current dataset more interesting
    • Developing new metrics (e.g. comparing cost between banks, comparing the efficiency of controls between banks, comparing RCSAs between banks) to enhance the current offering
  • Delivery (50%) of the existing Acin’s offering to clients (top tier banks)
    • Prepare analysis for the presentation of results and insights to clients, including by handling large datasets and extracting insights out of that dataset
    • Present benchmarking results to key audience
    • Prepare answer to client request or inquiries
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