Our product is all about collaboration and innovation. So are our people. We’re a small team, but we’ve got a big vision: to build a brand-new infrastructure for operational risk management. It’s not easy. We’re redefining the way some of the world’s biggest financial services companies and banks work with data. There are a lot of challenges – but a lot of opportunities to think and act creatively, too.

Backed by banks (JP Morgan, Citi, Barclays, Lloyds, BNP) and ratings agencies, Acin helps banks objectively manage their risk control landscape. Based on a network of peers, Acin’s data protocols connect a bank’s risk control data across their firm and industry leading to greater cost savings, and creating huge efficiency savings across the bank both in front and back-office operations.

The role:

Location: London office (2-4 days on-site per month)

As a Senior Full Stack Engineer, you’ll spend most of your time building and maintaining robust GraphQL APIs, complex React interfaces, and providing clients with multiple data-rich views into operational risk management. You’ll be responsible for making decisions between extending existing functionality and creating reusable patterns, while ensuring consistency, reusability, and finding ways to improve developers’ workflows.


  • Work collaboratively within the DPA squad, which includes a Product Owner, Data Engineer, and Architect/DevOps. As the only Full Stack Engineer in the team until the junior engineer is recruited, you will play a vital role.
  • Mentor, train, and provide support to the junior engineer once they join the team.
  • Take ownership of the most complex part of our system: Data Matching and Publishing. This section of the code has posed challenges in the past due to its complexity, impacting the work of DataOps during their business-as-usual (BAU) operations, which can create high-pressure situations.
  • Be responsible for refactoring and optimizing key areas of the codebase, making improvements as needed within given timescales and capacity constraints.
  • Creating new serverless Functions – GraphQL functions which will be the interface to the data layer
  • Schema design – provide guidance on schema best practices.
  • Data orchestration – create functions and logic apps for more complex data orchestration tasks
  • Undergo an onboarding process led by Head of Engineering, where you will leverage your years of experience to learn and understand the project code.
  • Demonstrate a proven self-starter attitude, taking the initiative to drive tasks and responsibilities forward.

Additionally, you will be involved in the full Agile lifecycle, including assessing the feasibility of features, discussing implementation approaches, and providing constructive feedback during regular retrospectives.

Our tech stack is one of the best around. You’ll be using Node.js, TypeScript, GraphQL (with Apollo Federation), React, Azure Serverless and, of course, Git.

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