Tracy Puttock and Michelle Cohen led a Masterclass & Mentor session on:

  • We Predict – by identifying who is at risk of breast cancer.
  • We Prevent – by offering preventative interventions, to stop breast cancer before it starts.
  • We Protect – by shielding future generations from breast cancer.

Event Takeaways

Masterclass and mentor sessions include a 20-40 minute presentation followed by a 20-40 minute open, private and intimate discussion with the audience

Michelle Cohan from Prevent Breast Cancer introduced the session by sharing how the charity looks at a risk-based approach to prevention.

Founded due to the huge proportion of women getting diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 50+, the charity began 25 years ago. The charity endeavours to predict who is at risk of breast cancer, identify the risk and level of risk between different women, and ultimately protect those who develop breast cancer. 55,920 people are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK every year and 1 in 9 women are likely to develop breast cancer.

The charity has 3 key mantras:

  • We Predict
  • We Prevent
  • We Protect

Tracy Puttock, an ambassador for the charity, works as a risk manager in the financial sector and shared her own experience of supporting Prevent Breast Cancer.

Although there are factors for developing breast cancer that are genetic and increase your chances such as being female, your breast density, and your age, Michelle and Tracy gave the audience practical advice for checking yourself for the signs to breast cancer. They looked at choices which can be made to potentially lower your risk of developing breast cancer. These were based on your lifestyle, your inactivity and your weight. Other factors included birth control pills and how breast feeding is protective.

They rounded off the session by sharing the mantra ‘knowledge is power!” and sending out a plethora of information, resources and links to Prevent Breast Cancer.

Thank you, Michelle and Tracy, for sharing such a delicate subject with care and reassurance. Please visit Prevent Breast cancer social site and website to learn more about a risk management approach to Breast Cancer and how you can support.

Written by Klara Hansen, WiRC Coordinator and Data Insight Analyst, Acin


Michelle Cohen

Michelle joined the charity in 2007 as a business consultant whilst running her own B2B marketing consultancy. Although she had not previously had experience in the charitable sector the Trustees recognised the benefits she could bring in terms of a wider commercial expertise. So the relationship continued and developed for many years. When she retired in 2015 the charity approached her to see if she would be willing to continue her involvement by becoming a part time fundraiser, focusing on corporate relationships. Michelle was delighted to take up this role which she has undertaken ever since. She is passionate about the charity and the cause it supports and for years has been engaged in promoting its vital messages to local, national and global audiences.


Tracy Puttock

Tracy Puttock has spent her working life with some of the biggest names in the financial industry. She is highly regarded for her expertise in the field of financial risk. However, it was in 2013 that Tracy found a lump and several sleepless nights later was told that she had breast cancer. After struggling through surgery, hair loss, chemo and other gruelling therapies, Tracy was declared cancer free. Except that three years later a routine scan showed that the cancer had returned. “My biggest worry at that time”, says Tracy, “was how to tell my husband and kids.” Tracy still has to undergo regular treatment but has continued to work as she did throughout both her breast cancer diagnoses. It was at Brewin Dolphin in October 2019 that Tracy heard a presentation from Prevent Breast Cancer about their revolutionary approach to risk assessment and risk adapted screening. “It was like a light had switched on” says Tracy, “My passion and work is all about risk management and here is a charity that speaks to my whole approach to life.” Tracy wasted no time in coming on board as Prevent Breast Cancer’s first London based Corporate Ambassador.

Prevent Breast Cancer has a unique mission – to fund ground-breaking research with the sole aim of preventing the disease for future generations.
Founded 25 years ago in Manchester, the charity is based in the UK’s only breast cancer prevention centre.

Their world-leading research is bringing us ever closer to a world where breast cancer is preventable, and thousands of lives are saved from ever experiencing this terrible disease.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and the biggest cause of death for women between 35 – 49. To ensure we protect ourselves, our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, and many others – it is extremely important to be aware and talk about the risks, signs, and symptoms of breast cancer.

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